Emergency Dentist Columbus

Emergency Dentistry in Columbus

Having a Dental Emergency?

If a tooth is knocked out, damaged, fractured, or displaced immediate dental attention is essential. The quicker treatment is received the more likely the tooth is to be saved.

Knocked Out Tooth:

If you knock a tooth out, immediately pick it up by the crown (avoid touching the roots) and rinse if off gently with water. DO NOT scrub the tooth or attempt to remove any attached tissue. If you can, put the tooth in its’ socket and bite down. If you cannot do this, place it gently in a cup of milk. Call your dentist and set up an emergency

Displaced Tooth:

If your tooth becomes loose or out of place, you can lightly guide the tooth back into position with your finger. It’s important to be gentle and not force the tooth back into place as this can loosen it further. Contact your dentist immediately.

Damaged Tooth

Use your discretion with damaged teeth. For instance, a chipped tooth isn’t necessarily an emergency, and if you are not in pain you may not need an emergency appointment. A fractured or completely cracked tooth is much more serious, as it most likely means there is damage to the root of the tooth. If you crack or fracture a tooth, call a dentist immediately.

Note: If you have a medical emergency and need help immediately, please contact 911 or go directly to your local emergency room.